Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never danced before. Can I come to a dance class? Absolutely! This is what our classes are for. We are here to take people with two left feet, with no rhythm, who dance like somebody's dad, who have stepped on their partner's feet in other dances and turn them into confident social dancers who just want to enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner? Nope. Absolutely not. We will rotate partners regularly during the class. However, feel free to bring your life partner, bridge partner, mojito partner and / or all of your friends, should you so wish.

Q: Do I need to decided whether to lead or follow in advance? Nope. You can try out one role and switch if you think that the other role might be more interesting / more suitable for you. (We recommend sticking with one role for a while in this dance, since it can be a bit confusing if you keep switching between lead and follow.)

Q: What clothes shall I wear? Whatever you want (within reason and British decency law - the community centre is a public space but also an LGBTQ+ safe space). We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes which are easy to move around in. The room is air conditioned, but bear in mind that all dances are aerobic exercises.

Q: What shoes shall I wear? In the beginning it is best to wear light, comfortable shoes. Stilettos are not appropriate (unless they are designed for dance with appropriate soles) since they are likely to damage both you and the floor. As you progress, you will probably want dance trainers, dance heels, cuban heels or jazz shoes (or Phil's personal favourite, the dance booties). It is best to discuss this with your instructor before purchase.

Eli Torres and Deniz Seven

Last updated: Wed Aug 10 2016

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